Aikido South offers traditional aikido training, including training with the bokken (aiki ken), jo (aiki jo) and tanto. Students may begin training at any time; class instruction and curriculum is not based upon training periods of enrollment. Membership includes access to all classes and special events. We also invite visitors to train with us. Aikido South invites students from all backgrounds and children 11 and up to train.

The general curriculum is based upon the doctrine of Aikido South that Aikido is principled upon non-violent conflict resolution. Instruction is centered around the concept of masakatsu agatsu,

True victory is victory over oneself.

The dojo is a safe environment in which to train. As part of training, it is the responsibility of the student to preserve that environment and keep the dojo clean, safe, and well-maintained. It is also the responsibility of the student to be properly prepared to train.

Train With Us

We invite anyone to visit the dojo and attend class.


Jon Reading is the chief instructor of Aikido South.

Training Waiver

Among other things, this waiver helps to identify what conduct will be expected of the student while training.

Hotels Near Us

Atlanta is a large city with many options to accommodate students visiting the dojo.