The Aikido South dojo is located in Midtown Atlanta and shares space with Atlanta Judo Midtown. Aikido South is a member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and focuses on training using an internal power methodology. We invite members of the Atlanta community to train, including visitors to Atlanta. 

“The secret of Aiki is Masakatsu Agatsu Katsuhayabi” 
-O Sensei-

Aikido South trains in the spirit of Masakatsu, Agatsu, Katsuhayahi. This phrase is usually translated as "true victory, victory over the self, with the speed of light". O-Sensei said that "Masakatsu" stands for "unyielding", "Agatsu" stands for "without slack" and "Katsuhayahi" stands for "glorious victory". Interpreted this way, the phrase is instructive, guiding us to "stand without slack," a core component of the internal power training methodology in the dojo.